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Capitol Hill was the first district to be named as part of the Arts & Cultural Districts program, in November of 2014.


Capitol Hill’s Pike / Pine neighborhood is the densest arts neighborhood in the State of Washington. Over the course of the past 35 years, a diverse group of arts and cultural organizations have been re-occupying a formerly light industrial area known as “auto row.” The district is now home to over 40 arts and cultural organizations.


At the same time, the neighborhood is experiencing rapid change and gentrification. Existing arts organizations are under real threat of being displaced by rising rents and redevelopment. Capitol Hill is increasingly perceived as being in danger of losing its soul.


The Capitol Hill Arts District is a coalition of arts advocates galvanized to keep Capitol Hill a thriving art scene invested in the creation of daring work, independent artists, and emerging ideas. We promote cultural engagement; harness resources; and preserve, enhance, and create space for artists and the arts.

A cultural problem requires a cultural solution


We advocate on behalf of arts organizations within the neighborhood to make sure our voices are heard.


In a neighborhood where so many arts organizations rent, their future on the hill is only as secure as the number of years (or months) left on their lease. We work to preserve affordable spaces for the arts to ensure the vibrancy of our neighborhood remains. 


We build community through the arts. Art and creative expression is the anchor that holds our community in place.


Now, more than ever, arts organizations on Capitol Hill need your support. We provide essential organizing, programming and a collective voice for the arts and artists in our community. 

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