Capitol Hill Arts District | Cassandria Blackmore Studio
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Fine Art
About This Project

Cassandria Blackmore was born in California and spent part of her childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area with her English father and her American mother.  She grew up on a self sustaining farm in Oregon and learned at a very early age that everything had a process. Creativity was integral to existing. This has informed her process oriented work. Blackmore is acclaimed for her unconventional approach to reverse painting.  She completed her thesis at Pacific Northwest College of Art exploring Eastern and Western perspectives on art. Her work is collected internationally and exhibited in galleries and museums across the country. Her work is in The Crocker Art Museum Permanent Collection.  She is a recipient of the prestigious Hauberg Fellowship for painting. She was honored as the Renwick Smithsonian artist of the month. Cassandria Blackmore is on the Board of Pilchuck.

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